Much more than you thought

רבים תוהים האם בעולם הדיגיטלי,

Today’s approachable and cynical has a place for sales calls on the phone. The answer, as quite a few studies show, is yes. The key is to perform them professionally and correctly.

As in everything we do – here too – professionalism is the name of the game: how to carry out the calls according to the type of product and the end customer, how to maintain continuous contact with the end customer, when to press and when to give up, these are supplementary marketing activities carried out by the customer to strengthen the The sale, how you research and improve as the campaign progresses and how you adjust the strategy to the results in the field. And at the base of all these skills is, of course, Storytail’s recruitment and training system, which staffs the best sales people for the customer at any given moment.

Selling over the phone is an art – and we pride ourselves on being artists in the field.