Go out into the field, bring customers

At the end of the day, the decisive element in the business performance of any company is the quality of its sales force.
Storytail specializes in the establishment, recruitment, training and management of field sales teams (sales agents who travel in company vehicles and arrive at the customer’s home) at all levels of complexity – from small and local teams to massive and complex nationwide teams. We are committed to winning and measurable results for our customers and therefore:

  • We appoint a dedicated project manager who is in charge of the relationship with the field managers and the client.
  • We formulate the exact profile of the required salespeople according to the customer’s needs – business, personal and geographic profile.
  • We build a comprehensive work plan that includes work processes, schedules, customer interfaces, job definitions, goals and recommendations for compensation models.
  • We search, sort, recruit and employ the sales people for all that is implied and for the entire life of the project.
  • We are building a unique training program for the sales people adapted to the customer’s needs in which we engage in product training, sales training and operational training – focusing on conversation scripts, handling objections and closing sales circles.
  • We implement the plan and verify, through the analysts of our economic department, that our performance is optimal.

Running an effective and winning sales system is not an easy challenge. We invite you to discover why many of the leading companies in the economy trust us to do this for them.