The way to your customer’s heart

Leading brands all over the world realized a long time ago that experiential marketing, when done correctly, is one of the main tools in strengthening consumer loyalty to the brand. An experiential market allows the customer to meet, respond and interact with the brand through an unmediated sensory experience. Instead of telling him about the advantages of the brand and its products in conventional advertising, they let him experience them first-hand – “connecting with him from the gut”. This method is without a doubt the “icing on the cake” in the delivery of marketing messages and it achieves prominence, visibility and recall in the mind of the consumer while bypassing objections and creating a strong incentive to sell.

At Storytail, we set ourselves the goal of initiating and offering the most advanced and daring experiential marketing solutions to our clients, with the goal of promoting their brand stories and contributing to their business and image success while taking full responsibility for the results. We believe that every brand has a personality with character, features, a unique statement, temperament and soul – and as such it requires dedicated and special care for it. Our approach allows us to create unique experiences for our customers that are second to none and it also makes us the leading force in the market today.