A winning combination of brands

The concept is old and winning: a brand that presents its goods in a multi-brand retail chain in its own branded position. The exposure strengthens the two brands, the costs are shared between the partners, the drive to sell is great and immediate. But just as the concept is old, so are the challenges in it: to stand out and win you need to be precise in your creative and be a professional in sales.

Storytail combines boundary-breaking creativity, a deep understanding of the art of selling and a powerful logistics system to provide its customers with a complete Store in Store solution: starting with screening services, recruitment, training and management of talented salespeople and ending with the creation and establishment of branded sales positions that maximize the drive to action and the experience the purchase

And as with all the services we offer, here too the analysts of our economic department make sure that our performance in Store in Store sales is optimal over time – as HP, Nespresso and other leading companies have come to expect from us. You are welcome to join them and experience our excellence first hand.